Women's Camp Shirt

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WARNING:  Our Women’s Camp Shirt may cause a certain restlessness and an immediate desire to put up a tent in your backyard!

Do you – or someone close to you - love camping and the stars? Not necessarily in that order.🥰 If so then our, ‘Five Billion Star Hotel’ women’s camp shirt is undoubtedly the best gift for them (or for You!).  No standard Five Star Hotel quite compares to the experience of camping outdoors under the blanket of five billion stars.  Don’t spend a lot of money on staying in a Five Star hotel because you just won’t have the same fulfilling experience.

Just imagine the feeling you will have gifting the ‘Five Billion Star Hotel’ Women’s Camp Shirt as the perfect gift to a friend or family members who are keen campers setting off on  their epic camping holiday.  Or even if they are just going away for a short break in the nearest National Park. They’ll have a huge smile from ear to ear as they imagine erecting their tent and then sitting in front of a blazing fire peering up at the night sky.  Seeing the moon come up over the horizon.  Your thoughtfulness will also be appreciated and long remembered. To quote Charles Dudley Warner, “the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than it’s value.

Or how excited you yourself will feel opening the gift you sent to yourself, just in time for your weekend in the woods. Once you put your new women’s camp shirt on and see the tent and stars, your mind will be automatically transported to the outdoors and happy memories of nights you have spent under the stars.  Camping and smelling the aroma of pinecones in the open fire.  Enjoying the serenity on the natural world offers.

Let’s face it there is nothing as good for the soul as spending a few nights under the stars with nothing between you and the universe.  All warm and cosy with a mug of your favorite coffee (Or wine), sitting on your camp chair just staring up at the lights in the sky imaging what’s out there.

So, this “Five Billion Star Hotel” women’s camp shirt is the perfect gift to give a man or woman in your life who loves camping and the night sky. Life’s simple pleasures are always the best. 

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