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WARNING:  The ‘The Sky Is My Tent,’ Tank Top Wanderlust Shirt may cause restlessness and a sudden urge to hit the road!

Do you – or someone you know well - love travelling and the feeling of freedom it brings?  Good! 🥰 In that case the ‘The Sky Is My Tent’ Tank Top Wanderlust Shirt is definitely the perfect gift for them (or for You!).  It conjures up visions of the expansive sky and walking through far flung lands, with the moon and the stars as your shelter at night and the sun as your guide during the day. 🥰.  AHHHHH.  Now that is romantic!

Just imagine how great you will feel when you give the ‘The Sky Is My Tent’ Wanderlust Shirt as an ideal present to your best friend or family member who loves hitting the open road, unencumbered by the demands of life, living for the day.  When they open it, they will smile, nod their head and say, “That’s exactly how I feel, like the Sky is My Tent.”  It will also make them happy knowing that a good friend like you feels the same way they do and has taken the time to buy such a special gift. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and long remembered. To quote Charles Dudley Warner, “the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than it’s value.”

Or how you’ll scratch your head when attempting to recall what’s in the postal parcel delivered by the USPS and then remember that it is the gift you bought for yourself, the Wanderlust Shirt Tank Top with ‘The Sky is My Tent’ on it.   It has arrived just in the nick of time as you are heading off on your next great hike.  You immediately put it over your head and wish you could just be there.  Still, it won’t be long till you’re well on your way to where you feel closer to the sky than anywhere else.  

Let’s face it there is nothing better than going travelling, getting back out in nature hiking with family or friends, with nothing between you and the sky but clouds and air.

So, the ‘The Sky Is My Tent,’ Wanderlust Shirt is the perfect gift to give a man or woman in your life who loves traveling and the feeling of freedom it brings.  Life’s simple pleasures are without doubt the best.

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