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WARNING:  The Save the Planet Shirt will cause you to plant more trees🌳🌳🌳

Do you – or a man or woman close to you – have a passion for saving our Planet Earth. Is there a tree hugger deep within? Outstanding! Then in that case our Save the Planet Shirt is the perfect gift for them (or for You!).  It not only shows the world your, and their commitment to the planet, but it also identifies people who think like you. People who want to make a positive difference to the world🥰

Let’s face it, a commitment to saving the planet is not limited to just one day.  It is a lifelong endeavour, a way to live, so that the Earth🌏 is a better place for you being in it.  So, even though the 22 April 2022 is the day we officially celebrate Earth Day, every day is really a day for the Earth. Because loving the Earth is not something you can turn off like a tap.  Once you realize you are but a passenger on a spaceship hurtling through space at 67,000 miles per hour, you become aware of how precious this world we live on is.

The message is simple.  Preserve the Earth at all costs and the best way to do that is with love and peace, not war and loss.  Love the Earth, to safeguard our seas, the life support system of the planet.  Love the Earth, to protect our forests and the wild things that inhabit them.  Lastly, love it to protect its people.  Because saving the Earth is saving ourselves.  

So, buy a T-Shirt, Hoodie, or tote bag for yourself and a friend.  Wear it every day (well maybe every other day, or buy seven, one for each day of the week) and show your love and commitment for our beautiful blue planet.🌏  Oh, and if you can, plant a tree.  Not for yourself but for the next generation.🌳

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