Never Hike Alone Cap

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WARNING:  The Never Hike Alone Cap may cause restlessness and a sudden urge to take your four-legged mate for a walk in the woods!

Do you – or someone close to you - love dogs 🐶🐾 and hiking? Never alone on the trail, always with their four-legged bestie by their side. That’s great.  Then our Never Hike Alone Cap is without a doubt the perfect gift for them (for You!).  It conjures up visions of hiking new or favorite trails with your dog(s). When you have your canine friend with you, you never hike alone.  

Just imagine the great feeling you will have giving the Never Hike Alone cap as an ideal present to a family member or good friend who loves taking their dog(s) with them on a hike and who are just heading off on that long-awaited hiking adventure. Or even if they are only taking a day hike in the local woods. Their faces will light up as they picture what lays ahead. New places to visit and adventures to be had with their beloved canine(s). Being carefree and happy out in nature again with their number one fan(s).  Your thoughtfulness will also be appreciated and long remembered.  As a wise person once said, “the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than it’s value.”

Or how you feel receiving it in the post and opening the gift you gave yourself, all ready for your and your dog’s weekend hike. Once you place the never walk alone cap on your head and feel it’s snug fit you will have to hold yourself back from grabbing your four-legged mate with his leash and jumping straight into your car, heading off to your favorite hiking destination.

Let’s face it there is nothing quite so happy as a dog going for a walk in the woods. Perhaps only yourself. 🥰 All the new smells to enjoy and runs to be had.  Your dog is always your trusted companion on the trails.  The one you can rely on who is always glad to see you.  Remember that saying, ‘Be the Person Your Dog thinks you are’.  It is not just a motivational saying it is true. The unconditional love of an animal is a precious gift. 

So, the Never Hike Alone cap is the perfect gift to give anyone close to you, be it a woman or man, who loves hiking and spending time with his or her dog(s). Life’s simple pleasures are usually the best. 

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