Mountains Please Cap

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WARNING:  The Mountains Please Cap may cause restlessness and a sudden urge to head for the hills!

Do you – or someone close to you - love spending time in the mountains?  Great! 🥰Well in that case the Mountains Please Cap🧢 is definitely the perfect gift for them (or for You!).  It lets people know how much you like visiting the sierras and how you would like to be able just by hail a cab to get there.  Or wouldn’t it be great to get there by just clicking your heels together and saying the magic words, “Mountains Please!”

Just imagine how great you will feel when you give the Mountains Please cap as an ideal present to a friend, family member or even a co-worker who loves hiking and clean air of the mountain ranges.🏔  They’ll have a good laugh, nod their head and say, ‘So true my friend, so true,’ when they read the caption.  It will cheer them even more realizing a good friend like you feels the same way they do. Your thoughtfulness and shared sense of fun will be so appreciated and long remembered. To quote Charles Dudley Warner, “the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than it’s value.”

Or how you’ll smile remembering that the parcel your ripping open is the gift you sent yourself, the Mountains Please cap.  It has arrived just before you planned to set off for your next hike🥾 in the mountains.  You’ll immediately slip it on and wish you could just click your boots together and be there.  Still, it won’t be long till you’re on your way breathing in that cool, clean mountain air and experiencing the exhilaration of the hike.

Let’s face it there is nothing better than getting back out in nature with family or friends who, like you, share a mutual love for the mountain ranges and trekking in nature.

So, the Mountains Please Cap🧢 is the perfect gift to give a man or woman in your life who loves the mountains, hiking and having fun. It sounds great, doesn’t it?  Tramping the hiking trails, seeing the magnificent vistas and feeling the peace and calmness that comes when you are in nature.  Life’s simple pleasures always the best.

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