Mama Bear T Shirt

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WARNING:  The Mama Bear T Shirt may give you a sudden urge to make porridge!🐻

Do you, or someone close to you, love being a mum, bears, and camping; to the point you thought they were born outdoors? 🥰 A little camping humor there!  Anyhoo, if you do, then the Mama Bear T Shirt is the perfect gift 🎁 for them (and for You!).  It puts them into that wonderful category of people, who love nothing better than to be the Mama, taking care of the family while out experiencing in the world.

So, just imagine how great you will feel giving a Mama Bear T-Shirt as an ideal present to a family member, or as part of the Family Bear Set of Shirts.   They’ll break into smiles as you hand them their gift(s) and then begin to picture what awaits them hiking and scouting for the bears.

Your thoughtfulness in buying such a thoughtful gift 💝 will also be appreciated and long remembered.  As Charles Dudley Warner once said,

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.”

Or, how you’ll feel receiving the perfect gift you bought for yourself, the Mama Bear T shirt. It has arrived just as you are preparing for your next foray into the woods. It has come as part of the family set and you can’t wait to see the reactions on your family’s faces when they see their shirts.

And the great thing is because they are sold separately you can choose any combination of shirts to suit your family. The Papa Bear T Shirt and one each for the Baby Bears.🧸🧸🧸.  Or two Mama Bears and a Baby bear🧸 or even one Mama Bears and a Baby bear.🧸  The choice is yours.

Let’s face it, there is nothing more relaxing than spending quality time camping or hiking out in the wild with your loved ones.  Getting to see bears and other wildlife up close and personal. 

So, BUY the Mama Bear T Shirt as the perfect gift for yourself, or as part of a gift for the whole family.  Remember, a family that plays together stays together. So have some fun next camping trip and dress the same, but different,🥰 in the bear series of T Shirts.  Wouldn’t you agree that life’s simple pleasures are always the best?

NOTE – Each type of bear shirt is sold separately.

LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Not sold in stores.

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