Halloween Coffee Cups

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WARNING:  One of the ‘My Broom Broke So Now I Go Hiking’ Halloween coffee cups, will cause restlessness and a sudden urge to go trick or treating. 🥰

Do you, or someone you know, love Halloween, Hiking, and having their own special coffee cup?  Of course, you do!  Who doesn’t love having a coffee cup they own at work? What's even better is to have a mug that reminds them of a friend or brings back happy memories of Halloweens past.

You remember those 31 October nights when every year, both children and adults would slip into the night dressed as goblins and ghouls, princesses and pirates, or broomless hags. Telling scary stories and trick or treating down the street. 🥰

So, just imagine how good you will feel giving one of the Halloween Coffee cups to a friend or family member, who loves the scariest night of the year and who to hike. They’ll have a smile on their dial when they receive your gift.  Each time they take a trip to the lunchroom to get a coffee they’ll think of their next Halloween.  Needless to say, your thoughtfulness will also be appreciated and long remembered. To quote Charles Dudley Warner, “the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.”

Or, how excited you’ll feel when you open the gift you gave yourself, one of the hiking Halloween coffee cups.  It has arrived just in time for your first cuppa of the day.  Once you smell that delicious aroma of freshly made coffee and fill your new mug, you’ll be dreaming of the Halloween fun ahead.  You might even decide to hike and camp out to celebrate. I can hear the owl now, can you?

Let’s face it, nothing says Halloween more than telling ghost stories around a campfire in the woods.  There are so many sudden, unidentified sounds and strange, dark shapes flitting about. 

So, start creating some Halloween fun now and buy one of the ‘My Broom Broke So Now I Go Hiking’ Halloween coffee cups.  It’s the perfect gift to give yourself or a loved one, who loves spending time hiking and having some scary fun.  Go on, you owe it to yourself to get the ball rolling and start creating some creepy excitement. Wouldn’t you agree that life’s simple pleasures are always the best?

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Sizing Table

Height, in 3.8
Diameter, in 3.2

Black ceramic
11 oz (0.33 l)
Rounded corners
NB! Black print on black mug may differ in tones as we use the transparent background