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WARNING:  Our ‘I Think The Mountains Have Lost My Number’ Explorer Shirt may cause laughter and a sudden urge to go hiking!

Do you – or someone in your life  - have a love for the mountains, hiking, and a wry sense of humor? Great! Well in that case our, ‘I Think The Mountains Have Lost My Number’ tank top explorer shirt is without a doubt the ideal gift for them (or for You!). It’s a funny backflip on the old mountain saying, ‘The Mountains are Calling Me and I Must Go’.  It’s just in this case you feel like the mountains have lost your number because it’s been ages since you hiked!

Just imagine how fun it will be giving the ‘I Think The Mountains Have Lost My Number’ Explorer Shirt as a perfect present to a friend or family member who loves hiking but just can’t seem to get away because of job commitments or worse still health restrictions.  They’ll have a good laugh, nod their head and say, ‘So true my friend, so true,’ when they read the caption.  It will cheer them even more realizing a good friend like you feels their frustration and would like to help them feel a bit better. Your thoughtfulness and shared sense of fun will be so appreciated and long remembered. To quote Charles Dudley Warner, “the excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.”

Or how you’ll smile opening the present you gave to yourself when you too felt a bit put out about being kept at home or work.  You probably thought you might never get back to the mountains.  But once you slip on your new tank top Explorer Shirt, it will motivate you to take action and start organizing your next trip to the mountains.   

Let’s face it there is nothing more fun than sharing a joke with family and friends and getting back out on nature’s trails. 

So, this ‘I Think the Mountains Have Lost My Number’ Tank Top Explorer Shirt is the perfect gift to give a man or woman in your life who loves the mountains, hiking, and having a good laugh, and after all isn’t laughter the best medicine? Life’s simple pleasures always the best.

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